I’m Devika. It means "little goddess". But for the sake of sounding humble, I go by Dev. I like to use my creativity to solve problems, brighten days and make the world a better place. I also like learning new skills, starting book clubs and baking bread. I’ve lived in Bombay, London, Antwerp, Savannah, New York and am currently in San Francisco.

Get in touch at devikadalal14@gmail.com

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  • The Young Ones - Merit, 2019

  • SF ADDYs - Gold, 2019

  • Creative Conscience Awards - Shortlist, 2019

  • CMYK - Winner, 2019

  • eLit Awards - Silver, 2019

  • Creativity International Awards - Bronze, 2018

  • Communication Arts Illustration Annual - Shortlist, 2018

  • Cannes Young Lions - Shortlist, 2016

  • Chip Shop Awards - Shortlist, 2016

  • Cannes Young Lions - Shortlist, 2015

  • Participant Media Design - Winner, 2013

  • Yuengling Brewery Design - Winner, 2011


  • ABC of Gender Identity
    A picture book on gender identity.

  • Sticky Briefs
    A creative competition on sticky notes.

  • Generic Greeting Cards

    All-in-one greeting cards for all purposes.

  • Bad Girls Breakfast Club
    Coming soon.

  • Book Clubs

    Founder of multiple book clubs. Let me know if you’d like to join!